Morning Coffee

I think that most of us can attest to the fact that coffee is an essential part of the day. Be it for the caffeine jolt, the flavour or even the company that it invites. I personally love the feeling of a warm cup in my hand and the intense aroma that it fills my senses with. It also always seems to be the perfect accessory for any occasion.

As a Canadian girl, I pretty much live in a parka for the majority of the year, so when the sun comes out and the heat rises, you can bet your asses that I am in a skirt or dress to take in as much vitamin D as possible. Unless of course I’m feeling lazy and haven’t tended to my hairy legs, and I think we can all relate to that, right ladies?

This gorgeous dress from @aritzia is perfect for a casual morning stroll. The fabric feels so silky against my skin and exposes just enough skin to add sexiness without being a bar star outfit of the night. I’ve paired it with a pair of espadrilles from @samedelman which I must say are quite comfortable. I have always had such problems with the balls of my feet that I find it quite difficult to wear anything but flats and runners for long periods of time. I’ve tried the insoles and the toe wrapping technique, but they have not proven to help one bit. If anyone has a miracle trick to wearing heels, please share!!!


This look is fantastic for daytime and could easily be paired with a blazer for a more work appropriate environment and also some sexy heels for date night. It’s versatility makes it the perfect LBD for the summer and early fall (as long as you’re not under a foot of snow which can be the case in our neck of the woods). If you do get a bit chilly, you can always count on that perfect cup of coffee to warm you up!

The dress is currently on sale at @aritzia and the shoes from @samedelman are a steal at $100CAD! 


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