Yellow: Friend or Foe?

I have always had a very tumultuous relationship with yellow. My skin tone is very pale, but with very red undertones that are never complemented by bright primary tones and yellow has alway been quite difficult for me to wear.

I know that some of you don’t have this problem, but I truly feel that a lot of us don’t have the ability to wear all colour pallets and that can be really fucking shitty when the world wants to see something specific. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with this my whole fashion conscious life and what I’ve discovered through many trials and even more errors is that the colour is just a jumping off point for inspiration. The way to make it work for you is by playing with the different tones of the colour to make it the most flattering for YOU.

It took me a bit more work, but my yellow dilemma (that I am so irresistibly drawn to and suffer a great deal of disappointment when I don’t reflect the visual results of the bronzed, olive and dark skinned beauties) has come to a glorious end (enter angelic choral singing here). I believe that I have finally found my yellow loophole with a more subdue, earthy, mustard tone. The earthiness balances out my splotchy pigskin and really makes all the right hues pop. Be it as a solid with a silky sheen as seen in this dress or as a prominent backdrop to a summery floral print, this mustard yellow gives all the right trendy vibes, without sacrificing the sophistication of the look.








I wore this dress to PARKSHOW2018 and it was very well received. The colour speaks for itself so accessories can be very minimal and still make a huuuuuge impact. I wore an embellished headband from and a black and beige straw clutch. Tied together with black peep toe shoes and a strong red lip, the look is complete!

Now this was all for a fashion event. If I were to make a more casual look, I would simply put on my Stan Smiths and straw tote and be on my way. Though the dress has a sheen to it, the way it drapes allows it to be way more versatile and can bring you from a stroll through the city to a VIP lounge at a fashion show.

I refuse to break the bank on any piece that is not a classic staple that will be sustained through multiple seasons. Since this colour is a trend and not a staple, I am glad to report that this dress is under $120CAD.

Another option for wearing a bold colour is to use it as a background for a print.This floral ruffled blouse is a steal at under $50CAD and can be elevated into a perfect look for the office with a pencil or midi skirt and can also make a mini skirt look sheik for a hot date night. Or perhaps you just want to throw on a flowing maxi and have a semi-bohemian and casual vibe. The ruffles sleeves on this piece really sell the look; so when all eyes are on the top, the bottom can really be whatever feels right for you!

Now having talked about finding the right yellow for your skin tone, there is one place where all rules just slip away. That is in footwear baby! I got these sexy heels at Zara for 50 bucks!!!! Yes, that’s right, fifty freaking dollars! Not only do they play into the yellow trend of the summer, but they also play into the straw/woven theme that is so hot right now. Two birds with one stone and you didn’t even need to spend your pay check on them!

So that’s my current story of stepping out of my colour comfort zone. Just know that I totally get the hesitation in wearing something that is a little bit further out than what feels comfortable. But there is absolutely no reason to hold yourself back from wearing what attracts you. The best thing to do is start slowly with accessories and work your way to the bigger and bolder pieces that really draw the eye. Follow your gut. If it doesn’t feel right for you, it probably isn’t. Stay positive though. There is always a version that will suit you!

Happy colouring!

Amber xo

Dress is available at Nordstrom; floral blouse and shoes are available at Zara

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